Dropped my cellphone down the rest room through twist of fate and idea the hassle changed into solved as I kept it in raw rice for over an afternoon. the next day the whole lot changed into working flawlessly, even my digicam and buttons. but, the following day the cellphone went black, and each time i strive plug it in to the charger or attempt flip it at the white apple emblem displays on start up and then the black display returns. i have lots of precious reminiscences stored on my phone in pics and films and became wondering if there is any feasible manner to retrieve these? furthermore, how much are these offerings?

Lately my phone suffered a few water damage from a cracked phone case (which turned into full of glitter and a liquid). due to the fact then my smartphone screen has been black – however, my telephone does ring and, if I manage to swipe correctly, i will solution my telephone. It also vibrates after I flick the loud/silent transfer. I wondered if you would be able to shed light on the chance of this being constant and provide me an concept of fee. i’m additionally having problem putting my pictures onto my laptop because it says “windows has stopped this device because it has mentioned problems. (Code forty three)” and was thinking if this will be something you will be able to assist me with. although i am eager to get my phone working i am most involved about dropping all my snap shots. As i’m no longer actively the use of my smartphone in the mean time, an e mail respond could be superior.

Misplaced statistics on iPhone four. The telephone said it went into a healing mode. I pressed the replace on the iTunes choice and i’ve lost all my contacts and snap shots/motion pictures

to start with my iPhone four wasn’t turning on even after charging it, after some time it got here up with this message https://assist.apple.com/en-gb/HT203122. After speaking to apple advisors on line, I tried to replace my smartphone on itunes and pressed the home and electricity button on the same time, the apple logo and a gray bar seemed but did now not complete to a complete bar. I tried on my laptop after which on my brothers computer day after today and had observed a message pronouncing update or restore. I clicked on update and it stated updating iphone software program. Extracting software program on iPhone. After a while it said in case your iphone can not be replace you will have to repair to its factory settings. i am very disillusioned and pissed off as i’ve lost all my information, such as apps, contacts, notes, photos and so forth with out a backup. I did not expect this to take place. thankfully some of my group chats have seemed on whatsapp have come up however no longer the total conversations from the start. Blocked contacts are nonetheless showing. previous to this hassle, I did have a problem with starting whatsapp, a message pronouncing optimizing whatsapp stored performing. Please recommend on how i can recover my data.

factory reset completed with out backup, can information be recovered – samsung s8

difficult force powers up however all i’m able to pay attention is it seeking to spin, pc or pc does no longer realise it additionally